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high reflective beanie,knitting hat,tuque, no cuff

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high reflective beanie / reflective hat,tuque / safety night running,cycling caps

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  • the lowest primary source, make sure your competitiveness
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  • Strict product quality control
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  • our goods ship to markets all round the world

Product Details

Our factory specialize in the high reflective beanie,knitting hat,tuque, no cuff
production of knitted hats, knitted scarves, knitted gloves, knitted socks and other knitted products. with excellent equipment and the latest knitting machines, including 6-needle machines, 9-needle machines, cylindrical machines, and computerized embroidery machines
Etc., our factory has a large number of skilled craftsmen who can produce all kinds of knitwear according to customers' requirements, and the products are of high quality.
Our products are sold all over the world and are highly praised by customers.

Jingjiang Huarui Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

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